group circled on the grass
  • group circled on the grass
  • Battleship canoe game
  • Group shot of students getting ready for a high ropes course.
  • Students participate in a canoe across Little Grassy Lake.
  • Friends Room

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Dawg Days 2024 - August 11-14


Dawg Days welcomes the freshman class and transfer students to Southern Illinois University with the purpose of giving them an opportunity to have fun, make friends and learn more about life at SIU!


A Couple of Things:

In order to register for Dawg Days, you must:

  • Have a Dawg Tag number. Your Dawg Tag is different than your Network ID. Your Dawg Tag number is what you received when you first applied to SIU. It looks something like 85XXXXXXX.
    Go here to look it up if you aren't sure. 
  • Have medical insurance/emergency contact information. The medical release form is completed as part of the registration process.  
  • Have the date of your last tetanus booster.

Online registration covers travel to and from locations, lodging, all meals, all activities and SWAG!

Dawg Days:
(618) 453-1121

Touch of Nature Office:
(618) 453-1121

Or if you know who you're looking for:
Our Staff

About Dawg Days

Dawg Days is a four-day, three-night retreat for incoming students. Make friends and learn more about life at SIU. Our staff have valuable experience and plenty of advice for students coming to SIU.



During the day, students have the opportunity to choose and take part in several camp-related activities such as duct tape dodge-ball, broomball and canoe-battleship! Optional activities include rock climbing and regular canoeing.

Camp Schedule

Partners, Donors, and Support

Dawg Days is hosted and supported by several University Programs and local businesses. Support ranges from funding, coupons, meals and more!

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